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The Epidermal Blanket

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Marie Reynolds is rather special. She combines top notch skin treatments (including my favourite Masterlift) with a holistic approach. She has a vast knowledge of overall health and looks at both the mental and physical health of a person to get to any underlying problems that could be affecting the skin. So when Marie told me she was bringing out her own product for the first time, I knew this was going to not only be good but also interesting. And indeed it is.

The Epidermal Blanket is as cosy and protective as it sounds

It consists of two products, designed to be layered on top of each other, which mimic the skin’s natural moisturising factor while protecting, nourishing and rejuvenating. And voila….

My skin has literally become as soft as a baby’s you know what

First to apply is Elixir which is a very light and easily absorbed oil. My skin seems to just drink it in and I’m able to use during the day as well as at night. If you have an oilier skin it might be best to just use at night.

It’s packed full of vitamin C, one of the best things there is for your skin

The apricot and marula oil give it four times as much vitamin C as oranges and it also has omega 9 fatty acids and vitamin E. If that were not enough it’s beautifully blended with frankincense, rose and neroli. It really is one of the best and most nourishing facial oils I’ve used.

The cherry on the cake is Reson8

A gel-like moisturiser, Reson8 is the second stage. It calms, heals and hydrates the skin, is very light and sits perfectly on top of Elixir. No heaviness or stickiness at all. It’s also filled with numerous wonderful ingredients like argan oil, arnica, rosehip, marine collagen and green tea extract to name a few.

But wait, I haven’t even got to the good part yet

Marie always has something unexpected up her sleeve. As she says:

Each organ, system and cell in the body has it’s own frequency

and she continues: “In fact everything has a vibration. Human beings resonate at 528MHz. Essential oils lower in MHz can help to benefit physical conditions and pathogens while those with a higher MHz benefit the mental and emotional states.”

Ingredients in both products were specifically chosen not only for maximum hydration and nourishment but also for their ability to “tune in” to the human frequency. The blend of specific essential oils were chosen to tune into mind, body and spirit.

And to further up the ante you can get the package with either a Copper wand or a Quartz one

Copper increases the frequency in the skin aiding absorption and efficacy

In fact it does a whole host of wonderful things like repairing cellular damage, healing, reducing puffiness, detoxifying as well as much more. I’ve been using the copper wand which I thought would be quite tedious and time consuming (and time is something I’m always short of), but no! It takes seconds to slide the wand a few times across the face and is simple to use.

All I can say is that my skin is loving all this and feels wonderfully soft and hydrated.

Quartz, high in vibration and energy, is a master healer

It encourages regeneration in the skin and optimal skin vibratory frequency. When vibration is below par, disease and malfunction is likely.

Every girl needs a wand and now she can have one

These really are top notch products that leave your skin feeling almost as wonderful as if Marie had done one of her wondrous treatments on you.

Marie Reynolds

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  1. Hi Glynis,
    Just wanted to ask you a question about skincare products please.
    I had 2 bereavements last year close together and it has taken its toll on my face. Please can you recommend any skincare products that will boost my skin and give it a bit of a glow?
    Thank you.

    1. Post

      I think any of the natural skin care products I talk about on the site will nourish your skin without laying down toxic chemicals. I’m particularly fond of using facial oils at night. I would look to your diet as well as foods can boost and also lower your mood. Also you might look at some supplementation? Please check out the relevant articles on the site.

  2. Hi Glynis,

    Do you know if there is any website that will ship Marie Reynolds to Sydney (Australia) ?
    Or if it’s any other products similar that I can use?

    Thank you

    1. Post
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