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In a perfect world, we would all have amazing skin products that did everything we need. Products that tackle multiple issues like ageing, acne, pigmentation etc with state of the art dynamic ingredients, but somehow are dirt cheap rather than the usual eye watering prices that mean most of us simply can’t afford them.

Well guess what? I found them!!!

This could possibly be the best little secret I’ve ever told

Garden of Wisdom, formulated by pharmacist Shabir Daya at Victoria Health, has done the seemingly impossible. Forgoing all fancy packaging and simply using standard little brown bottles, Shabir has created the most fantastic range of incredible products.

These beauties range from £10 to £20

And most of them are at the £10 end. And they contain everything you could possibly need. From the most gentle but amazingly effective Retinol to Glycolic Serum for a gentle, thorough exfoliation to cleansers, facial oils and many serums that do many different things.

In todays’s video I talk you through it all and show some of my favourites. The Victoria Health website where these are exclusively sold, explains what every single product does. They are designed to be worn layered (all explained in the video) and there’s something for everyone.

I have added Garden of Wisdom to GLYNIS LOVES because there was no way I could not include these on my site. I give a bit more info there and show some of my favourites. You will also find links there to the articles of written about some of the individual products which I think you will find very useful. You can check it out here: GLYNIS LOVES

I do urge you to watch the video all the way to get all my tips and info on the products. You’re welcome.

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  1. Loved this post & will definitely be purchasing some of these products Glynis. One quick question, do you apply a daily SPF before your makeup?

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  2. I’ve started applying everything that I put on my face to the back of my hands and it’s already making a huge difference! They are much smoother now!

  3. Glynis, I loved watching this video, will be buying some of these products. Once used vit c from this range, do you use vit c serum ever? X

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