Non-Emotional Contract Interview

The non-emotional contract

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You may know Marie Reynolds as a skin guru extraordinaire, but it turns out she is also a sage. Treating her many clients often turns into a form of therapy and she wanted to find a way to practically help them with their stress.

Marie kept seeing clients overwhelmed by stress

She noticed the emotional way they tried to deal with their anxiety and knew this wasn’t going to work. So she sat down and wrote a completely practical and do-able formula.

The non-emotional contract was born

I found it fascinating talking to her about this because I recognised the wisdom that I have encountered in the various modalities that I’ve tried in my life.

Detachment is key to happiness

It may sound counterintuitive to call it non-emotional, but this emotional detachment is taught in yogic and eastern philosophies. It is said that without it, you are doomed to a painful existence.

The strategies she recommends to deal with toxic situations, as well as things you have no control over, struck me as similar to cognitive behavioural therapy. I’m a huge fan of CBT, as it is often called.

This does not in any way diminish what Marie has created here. In fact, she has put it all in such a doable and easy to do way method, it’s nothing short of brilliant. You can see it all by clicking on the link below:

The non-emotional contract

And now watch the video to hear Marie talk about it herself.

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