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Since I started this website and brought out my Yoga DVD 18 months ago, nearly every interview I’ve done has been about health rather than about my acting work. I wasn’t expecting this to happen quite as quickly as it did but am delighted about it. I would happily talk about health and well being all day and have to stop myself going on about it too much, sometimes forgetting that not everyone finds the subject quite as fascinating as I do. However, it just goes to show how health, be it of the physical or mental kind, is a huge subject, just as it should be.

And yes, I know, I’ve used the same phrase in every single interview I’ve done – Exercise is the closest thing there is to an Anti-Ageing Pill! Well I’m not going to apologise for it, because it is. And it stands to reason that a lack of exercise will be the opposite! Now there’s something worth thinking about.



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