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Is the sweetener erythritol safe to eat?

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There’s sugar and then there are the many sweeteners out there. The good, the bad and the absolutely diabolical. I would categorise ALL artificial sweeteners as diabolical.

I’ve written before about natural sweeteners and have learned from my talk with biochemist Sakiko (founder of sugar free chocolate brand NoMoSu) that they have many benefits and are by far the best option when cooking and baking.

You can watch this video HERE

These natural sweeteners include:

Stevia, monk fruit and erythritol. In fact, erythritol is often used with other sweeteners like stevia, to reduce their intense sweetness. Whenever you buy a granulated natural sweetener, the chances are it will also contain erithritol. In fact, I use these granulated sweeteners regularly when I bake healthy treats.

Why are they suddenly saying erytritol is unsafe?

All of a sudden I began to hear rumours that erythritol was not only not safe, but very harmful to consume. I first heard about it early in 2023 when a friend in the US sent me an article stating that erythritol was linked to blood clotting, strokes, heart attacks and death!

I was shocked but sceptical

What I’ve come to realise over the last few years is that research is often compromised, misunderstood or heavily biased.

I decided to proceed with caution, find out what I could from different sources and in the meantime, I kept on using it.

And then I met Sakiko at the Health Optimisation Summit. It was the one of the first things I asked her about. And it turned out she had read the actual research paper and had quite a few things to say about it.

Find out what you need to know about erythritol in my video below:

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  1. I have to have a mainly blended diet as I have achalasia a swallowing condition can you recommend a good product or products to mix with soups or smoothies to give me good nutrients i,e Mainly magnesium omega 3 etc im missing out on I take spray B12 and D already and biomel probiotic and enzymes powder Ideally powder or liquid form
    I would love to try the sakiko chocolate as it would be good quality but find some chocolate hard as it doesnt melt or is too hard

    1. Post

      I think bone broth (beef, chicken or fish) would probably be the most nutritious thing you could possibly put in a smoothie. Also check out Rejuvenated and Collagen Shots on the Glynis Loves page. They do delicious smoothie powders and you can add organic full fat milk or a nut milk. However, I would avoid fruit juices. Also check out my recent article on the incredible benefits of cacao powder? It can be added to smoothies to give a lovely and nutritious hit of chocolate.

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