Trip to LA

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On my recent trip to LA I managed to get some great video interviews with Dr Julia Hunter ( which I will soon be posting.

Also managed to catch up with friends.

Joan Collins Jackie Collins and Glynis Barber

Had a great dinner with the completely awesome sisters,
Joan and Jackie Collins at Craigs.

Glynis Barber and Michael Brandon at the beach

Had a day at the beach.



As well as get a new pair of specs from great new
Beverley Hills spec store C by Karina

Glyn's girls laughing!

Glyn's girls 




Eating al fresco and having a good laugh with girlfriends.

Glynis and her glasses










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  1. Really appreciate how you spoil us with some great pics on here! There’s just something about the specs pic I love! Was it a selfie???!

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