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Studio 10’s amazing concealer palette (video)

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I’ve always been slightly obsessed with concealers. It all began when I got my first spot as a teenager. By the time I was in my twenties my spots were much worse which was mortifying. I would literally go crazy with concealer, completely overdoing it. I may as well have put an arrow on my face pointing directly at the spot.

I had these big yellow circles dotted all round my face

Then by my late twenties I started to develop quite bad dark circles under my eyes. Out came the concealer pot and copious amounts of concealer would appear like half moons under my eyes.

As time went on, the spots disappeared but the circles remained and got darker.

Then brown pigmented areas suddenly appeared

My concealer pot continued to work tirelessly. My application improved and I started using fluids rather than thick creams and tried to be a bit more subtle with it.

But now I realise I got my concealer all wrong

For a start, the colours I’ve been using have been the wrong shade. The yellowish tinted concealers I’ve always favoured have done nothing but highlight the area.

I now know this after doing today’s video with Grace Fodor, founder of the fabulous Studio 10 makeup range. Her concealer palette has an array of colours for all the different needs we could possible have. Green (yes really) for the red areas, peach for the bluish/black areas (perfect for dark circles) and two different general cover ups that can be blended together or used on their own to achieve the perfect colour for any pigmentation we have.

In fact these colours cover all imperfections so wonderfully, you don’t really need foundation. But of course her fabulous foundation coupled with this concealer palette, makes skin look completely flawless.

Watch the video and see it all for yourself.

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      1. I use colour corrector on blue areas around eyes,then foundation then concealer then blend corrector with a creamy concealer(not too light,as this will give a panda eye.then use a very fine powder and brush off.Also can use a tiny drop of cold pressed Jojoba oil,stops creasing,melts into concealer..But it looks like Studio 10 have done a good job with there concealers

  1. I really love this palette! For the first time in I don’t know how long, you can’t see my dark circles! (Well, you can if you squint and zoom in, but if you’re looking that closely you deserve to see whatever you see!) I was actually really surprised when I used the green concealer to try and cover some red spots, and it actually did.

    Now I need to buy the foundation…and maybe the lip gloss too.

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