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My skin under the microscope (Part 2) – The products

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If you missed Part 1 where my skin got analysed on the Visia machine and was found sadly wanting, just click here to catch up Part 1

After discovering my skin had bad UV damage, plenty of wrinkles due to a breakdown of collagen and needed work on getting a smoother, clearer texture, Jessica ( a skin consultant at The Harley Street Skin Clinic ) claimed to have the answer.

I was prescribed specialist skin products to treat my specific problems

Jessica explained that most of these products would not be for sale on their website. They needed to be prescribed by one of the clinic’s experts to make sure they were used in the correct way. We agreed that I would use them for 2 months and then would go on the Visia machine again to see if they had made a difference.

And she had one more trick up her sleeve

I was to return to the clinic after a couple of weeks for a Retinol mask by Neostrata to be applied. This would deliver deep into the skin with a protein peptide which hydrates, lifts and adds volume to the skin. It would also help with pigmentation and help smooth the skin. I went home with the clear mask on and washed it off about 6 hours later. There was no irritation or stinging but it does cause the skin to feel a little dry and flaky for a couple of days afterwards.

This was now mid-March and days later we were in lockdown. I felt very fortunate to have managed to get the mask applied and grateful to have my supply of products. Of course at that stage no-one knew how long lockdown would go on for and it was 4 months instead of 2 by the time I got back on the Visia machine. Plenty of time for those products to do their work.

So what exactly are these magical products?

Exfoliating Wash by NeoStrata:

To be used AM and PM. This very light foam didn’t seem capable of cleaning thoroughly but it claimed to not only clean well but also remove make up. Containing various fruit acids it gives a gentle exfoliation and improves cell turn over. I put my trust in Jessica’s expertise as it had a lot of bacteria to get rid of.

Even Tone by Skinbetter:

AM and PM straight after washing the face. As there are a few products to be layered on top of each other, you just use a small dollop (one pump). This product is designed to break up the appearance of hyper pigmentation and sun damage. It evens out the skin tone. Good luck trying to get rid of my sun damage that’s decades old!

AlphaRet by Skinbetter:

PM only and used after Even Tone. This is a very gentle retinoid combined with alpha hydroxy acids. It’s completely non-irritating which was a relief as I’ve not had a lot of success with retinoids. My skin seems to be very sensitive to them as many other people find as well. I had no reaction to this one whatsoever however, which is a first for me when it comes to retinoids. But will it be strong enough to tackle my wrinkles?

Trio by Skinbetter:

In the AM to be applied straight after Even Tone followed by a good sunscreen every single day.

In the PM to be applied after AlphaRet.

This is a very light yet rich and hydrating moisturiser. Considering I had 3 layers of products on every day and night, it all felt very light and non sticky. I was warned to not use more than one little pump of each product. Would such a small amount be enough to do the job though?

Smooth Surface Daily Peel by Neostrata:

It may say daily but I was instructed to use these pads once or twice a week. These moist pads contain glycolic acid designed to exfoliate, increase cell turn over, refine skin texture and smooth.

After cleansing, swipe across the face and wait about 5 minutes before applying Even Tone. To be used in the PM.

But did they work?

Find out next time when I will give the full low down on all of my results…

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      I wanted to include the photos from the Visia machine but they just didn’t look the same as they did looking directly at them. They come up with little coloured markings on the face and it just wasn’t translating. It’s a shame because the difference was very visible and I would’ve loved to have shown it.

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