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Glynis meets skin guru Marie Reynolds (video)

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I’ve been trying to meet up and interview skin guru Marie Reynolds for a long time. However with this lady being in such demand and with people fighting each other to get an appointment with her, I honestly didn’t think it would be possible.

So how generous of Marie to take the time to meet up with me and record some wonderful videos specially for my lovely Ageless subscribers.

Meeting with Marie is always a treat

She’s such fun and an all round lovely person (who just happens to have amazing skin).

Marie is also a font of all knowledge about skin

In today’s interview she explains how she looks at the inside as well as the outside when it comes to skin. Which of course, is exactly my philosophy at Ageless and why I put so much emphasis on health, stress and diet as well as beauty.

If you want to check out my favourite products of hers you will find them in GLYNIS LOVES where you can get a discount.


Warning…the video contains talk of poo!

I never saw that one coming I can assure you.

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