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The PHB Ethical Beauty range is quite something. Completely natural, vegan and even Halal certified, the products are so pure that they make perfect remedies for sensitive skins or those with eczema, acne or even psoriasis. They are designed to improve not only skin but health and well-being. They are scrupulous about where they get their ingredients from, insuring they are both ethical and 100% natural.

PHB stands for Pure, Handmade, British

A family run business that uses people rather than machines.

And my goodness they are effective. I first discovered them when my son tried their Balance Face Wash which completely transformed his troublesome, red, flaky skin. I was amazed and decided to try out more of their products.

PHB Brightening Face Wash:

This gently foaming face wash contains kojic acid which is a natural skin brightener. Perfect if you have pigmentation spots on your face or UV damage. It leaves skin smoother and brighter and is great for signs of ageing or dull skin.

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PHB Brightening Serum:

This superfood serum delivers essential vitamins and minerals to the skin. It uses kojic acid to gently brighten dark areas of the skin softening pigmentation. It plumps and firms and can be used on the eye area as well. It is so natural and filled with active ingredients that my skin tingled for the first couple of days and I felt I was having a bit of a flush. After a couple of days this completely settled and I had no further reaction. This was no doubt due to the turmeric they use to rejuvenate the skin. It got the blood flowing to my skins’ surface which is a very good thing. It left my skin feeling super soft and nourished. Great for uneven skin tone, UV damage and dull skin. Can be used on it’s own as it’s quite rich or with moisturiser on top. They do in fact make a Brightening Moisturiser to use with the serum or on it’s own.

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PHB Bare Skin BB Cream:

This nourishing and organic cream gives the lightest of covering to your skin, leaving it very natural but evened out. It also has an SPF 15 using pure minerals. Containing rosehip oil and aloe vera, it is hydrating and also helps lighten pigmentation. It comes in a quite a few shades and I opted for the medium. I would say this shade is for a quite a warm olive skin so next time I will go for the fair shade. However because it’s so sheer I can still wear it and it will probably be perfect in the summer months. I love the silky and sheer texture and the fact it has an SPF.

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PHB Tinted Moisturiser:

The tinted moisturiser gives a similar light and sheer coverage to the BB cream. It does smell rather gorgeous though thanks to it’s neroli floral water base. It also has argan oil and green tea to plump, firm and hydrate. And it contains a higher SPF 25. Great for evening out skin tone and reducing redness. I found the coverage was long lasting and didn’t dry my skin. I got the fair shade this time and found it to be perfect. I have a light olive skin tone. They do have lighter shades as well. A really lovely product and I can’t quite decide whether I prefer this or the BB cream. I’m thinking maybe the BB for winter and the tinted moisturiser for summer because of it’s higher SPF. Love them both.

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  1. PHB were the very first company I bought from when I went over to ‘all natural’ many years ago. I’m pretty sure they had only been going for a short time then as they always used to send out a free gift with each order.
    The only product I don’t buy is their mascara as it still contains Phenoxyethanol which I try to avoid.
    Overall though I would highly recommend them.

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