Non Invasive Skin Tightening

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I should imagine that most mature(ish) women, and frankly even immature ones, crave tight, sag-free, dewy, glowing skin, free from wrinkles and age spots. I would also imagine that most of these mature/immature women are rather less keen on actually going under the knife to achieve it. We live in an age where much of this is achievable. Hoorah!!!! At …

Eyebrow facelift

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I firmly believe that eyebrows can make a huge difference to how you look. Badly shaped or plucked brows are very unflattering and beautiful brows can literally take years off you. I myself, butchered my brows in my teens. I had lovely, full and quite dark eyebrows. As my hair was light blonde I was embarrassed by them so one …

Philip Kingsley talks about hair

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Skin is not the only thing that suffers as the years go by. Philip Kinglsey is a world renowned trichologist. He has hair clinics in London and New York. Here he gives advice on looking after our “crowning glories”. Hair deteriorates with age. So, what can you do to keep your locks shiny, vibrant, full & healthy? The answer is, …

Boost for eyelashes

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Eyelashes seem to get thinner, shorter and paler with time. Restoring them can make a big difference to how one looks. Of course, a lick of mascara can do the trick, but wouldn’t it be nice to have lovely lashes ALL the time? There are now lots of products that darken and lengthen lashes. Some of them make them quite (unnaturally) long …

An Interview with Julia Hunter – Taking Care of Your Skin

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Here (again due to technical difficulties) Julia Hunter MD talks about all the factors that are important in maintaining good skin. She is the number one fan of the Ageless Toolbox!  I just luuurve her southern drawl! Transcript of Julia Hunter’s Interview Okay how is the, what is of the best way to take care of, to prevent, to …

Beauty Crush

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My beauty crush of the moment is Nude’s new ProGenius treatment oil. I’ve always liked the products, being nearly all natural, but the newly revamped range is looking very promising and more high tech. The oil is made with omega oils and I have to restrain myself from drinking it! My skin is loving it though and a little goes a long …

Nail Fun

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Look what I did to my nails this week! Matt black with shiny black tips. Quite goth but can be done in any colour.   I got this at my favourite nail place (and hairdresser) Paul Edmonds at 217 Brompton Rd, London SW3