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Skin is not the only thing that suffers as the years go by.

Philip Kinglsey is a world renowned trichologist. He has hair clinics in London and New York.

Here he gives advice on looking after our “crowning glories”.

Philip Kingsley Hair

Hair deteriorates with age. So, what can you do to keep your locks shiny, vibrant, full & healthy? The answer is, more now than ever before.

One way to maintain shine is with conditioner, and with coloured hair this is essential. All hair, irrespective of age, needs conditioning after each shampooing. Once a week or so, a re-moisturising pre-shampoo conditioning treatment should be used to help elasticity; an exfoliating scalp mask massaged in once a week will prevent flakiness – all skin on your body dries as it ages. Elasticity, which gives spring and bounce, is decreased by wind, dry air, swimming and sun. So use a sunscreen protective product as well.

There are some differences between the sexes in the extent of hair diameter and growth changes. In men, these tend to happen earlier due to the greater presence of androgens (male hormones). And, as the diameter decreases, so does the length – thinner hairs do not grow as long as thicker hairs. The latest treatment for both sexes is the use of topically applied anti-androgens, which help to block androgen effects in the follicles.

Nutrition is also key to maintaining youthful looking hair as you get older (and at any age for that matter). Your hair is made of protein, so you need to include an adequate amount into your daily diet, particularly at breakfast and lunch – I suggest including at least 120g, along with some form of complex carbohydrate. Energy to form hair cells diminishes 4 hours after eating a meal, so snack on a complex carbohydrate, such fruit or whole-wheat crackers, to keep your follicles nourished. If you are vegetarian, it’s a good idea to take an iron supplement (but only after consulting with your doctor).

Avoid hard brushing, or pulling hard when blow-drying – traction hair loss is common, even at a young age. And use a hair & scalp friendly vented paddle or grooming brush, with widely spaced, round tipped prongs to help minimize damage. Lastly, the single most effective way to healthy-looking, vibrant, shiny hair is daily washing and conditioning with the right products for your hair type. Shampooing exercises your scalp, cleanses oil, flakes and dust – and not the least – results in better looking hair.

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