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Make-up to make mature skin look dewy

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I’ve discovered the most fabulous make-up brand founded by a truly fabulous woman, Grace Fodor. Studio 10 was designed by Grace specially for mature skin. What age is mature I hear you asking? Well it very much depends on the state of your skin but I would say 40+. From about then on we begin to see changes to the texture and hydration levels of our skin. This becomes more pronounced with each decade and we need to start doing things differently.

What are the issues with mature skin?

First and foremost it’s the loss of elasticity and dewiness. For me, I always had an oily skin and as I’ve aged that oil has dried right up. I would do anything for a bit of oil these days and those are words I never thought I would say. As we age the dehydrated look takes hold and the lines begin to appear.

What you DON’T want is anything matte or drying

I haven’t used powder in years and I used to use tons of the stuff. For mature skins it’s all about texture. We want make-up that glides on easily, without pulling and clogging, but that doesn’t instantly melt off leaving you with unsightly streaks.

I met up and had a lovely chat with Grace to talk all this through and the video is up on the Ageless YouTube channel today. As Grace says it’s all about making the skin look dewy and fresh.

She thinks that most make-up brands have far too many products and it becomes overwhelming. She’s deliberately designed a capsule collection with the things you really need. She taught me how to do the “no make-up” make up look and I will be posting a series of 3 videos to demonstrate very soon.

I’m a complete convert now

I wear her make-up on a daily basis even when I’m not going anywhere. As she says, just that little effort makes you feel good and is part of self-care.

If you’re interested in buying any of the make-up I’ve negotiated a 10% discount that you can get anytime by using the code :


Here are the essentials that I use every day:


This foundation is just amazing. A silky texture and super hydrating. It’s very versatile because you can apply it quite thickly if you like a good coverage or really lightly, which is how I like it. Using her beautifully designed brush you can apply it with one end and then spread it as thinly as you like with the other end.

It has a darker colour on the side so that in summer months you can darken the colour if you get a tan. Or you can use for contouring.

I have the colour Medium (there’s also Light, Dark, Deep and Rich) which I suspect will suit most caucasian skins. And it has an SPF. An added bonus.



As mentioned above this brush is just great for applying the foundation perfectly and also works beautifully with the creamy blusher. It has a finger shaped end that’s designed to apply the foundation and then a blunt ended brush that’s great for stippling and smoothing and giving an air-brushed look. I LOVE this brush.



I’m a huge fan of blushers as I think that a sweep of colour on the cheeks is very youthful and uplifting. But oh how I love this one. It comes in one peachy colour and seems to suit EVERYONE. I find the colour perfect for me and Grace says this peachy tone suits most people. She says to ditch the powder blushers and only go for creamy ones like this. One little pump onto the hand, and applied with the face brush gives the most flattering glow.  It’s quite pigmented so a little goes a long way. The look is complete dewiness.



I’ve written before about the importance of nicely shaped and coloured brows. Clearly defined brows can take 10 years off you in an instant. Badly shaped, faded or moth eaten brows can similarly age you by 10 years or more. Grace has designed a great brow pencil with a lovely easy gliding texture that is the PERFECT colour. It’s certainly the perfect colour for me and Grace insists that this colour is perfect for most people.

Uniquely it comes with a highlighter end to use under the brows and as a line along the eyelashes to open up make-up free eyes.



This pencil matches the natural colour of lips perfectly if all lips were perfectly rosy. It therefore doesn’t look like a lip liner but just enables you to outline your lips so they look great. One of the effects of ageing is thinning lips and this is the perfect antidote that doesn’t involve fillers. You can outline or use all over. It also has a highlighting end that can cleverly be used above the cupids bow to make lips look naturally pouty. I use this every single day. One colour that suits everyone.



One colour in a peachy gold that hydrates and smooths. Full of hyaluronic acid, it’s a collagen boosting lip treatment. I love wearing this with the lip liner. Just a little gives a hint of colour and if you apply more you have a warm flattering peachy gloss. Leaves your lips super soft.


Remember to use the code AGELESS10

Do check out my video chatting with Grace on YouTube. Please remember to like the video (if you like it of course) and please subscribe as this will help keep it visible.

And coming soon you will be able to see a full demonstration of all the makeup above.




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  1. I will definitely be investing in this make up! I’ve been using the same make up probably since my twenties and thirties. Makes perfect sense to change your make up to suit your skin. Can’t wait for the demo’s! Thanks so much.

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