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Let’s talk about rosacea

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Just a few short years ago, I had hardly even heard of rosacea. I wasn’t sure what it was and felt certain it wasn’t something I needed to know about. But the fact is, with age, specially from the menopause onwards, rosacea becomes a more and more common condition.

It turns out I have a mild form of rosacea

A recurring red bump on my face has turned out to be a form of rosacea. I’m lucky that’s it’s only one little red bump because rosacea can be a lot worse than that.

Have you heard about acne rosacea?

Yes it IS as awful as it sounds. And then there’s flushing rosacea where your face feels like it’s burning and goes red. Not just for a few minutes like with a hormonal flush, but for hours and possibly days.

Rosacea is clearly something we need to know about

To that end, I sat down to talk to skin therapist Nicola Harris who, besides being a wonderful skin practitioner, is also a sufferer of acne rosacea. So she not only talks the talk, she also walks the walk.

Sadly there is no simple answer to rosacea as you will hear in the video, but there are a few products that can help.

One of them is ARK’s Anti-Redness Serum that I’ve done a video about (watch it here ). Many people seem to have got a good result with this for all kinds of facial redness including rosacea. It’s in the Ageless Shop where you can check it out:

Anti-Redness Serum

Nicola mentions some other products that might help in the video and also the products you need to avoid.

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