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Glynis talks to Marie Reynolds about Butter Balm (video)

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Anyone who follows me will know that I’m a big fan of skin guru Marie Reynolds. She has a vast knowledge of the human body as well as skin and has formulated some wonderful treatments. Indeed she is the creator of the incredible Masterlift (video on YouTube). She also has a range of very pure, very natural and highly effective skin products.

And now she has a new one out and my goodness it’s fabulous.

Butter Balm is deeply nourishing and downright decadent

And as ever, can be used in multiple ways alongside some of her other products, including the iconic RESTORE.

In this video I ask Marie to tell us everything we need to know about Butter Balm.

You can view my previous video talking about RESTORE here:


If you are interested in reading more or purchasing Butter Balm, you’ll find it on the GLYNIS LOVES page where you can also get a discount:


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