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Anyone who regularly visits this site knows that I’m a big fan of Green People. This range of natural, chemical free, ethical and well priced products are one of the best in my opinion. So any new additions to the range is always a cause for celebration.

This month there is much to celebrate as they launch their gorgeous Beauty Box

This treasure chest of a box full of some of their most popular products, is filled with pretty little boxes that fit together in a little maze. All the items if bought individually would total £125 but they have priced the box at a terrific £75. It’s an absolutely wonderful chance to try out lots of products from their different ranges. The sizes included range from  30mls to 5mls making them ideal for travelling or trips to the gym. Or just to test the product.

So what goodies have they included?

Their Quinoa range has been a massive hit. The shampoo is hands down one of the best I’ve ever used. It makes your hair insanely shiny. They’ve included the shampoo as well as the shower gel.

From the fabulous Age Defy range you get 24 Hour Brightening and Soft Buff Exfoliator.

And from their regular range you get Gentle Cleanser, Fruit Scrub Exfoliator, Day Solution Cream with SPF 15 and Fruitful Nights Night Cream.

The Damask Rose range is a favourite of mine. It’s nourishing and smells subtly of roses. You get to try their fabulous facial oil and moisturiser.

And then there’s the make up

The Damask Rose lipstick is a wonderful nude shade that flatters just about everyone and has been in my make up bag since they launched it.

You also get their volumising mascara and a lovely eyeshadow duo in neutral hues with a flattering shimmer.

And if that were not enough they’ve thrown in a waffle head bandeau and a terry cloth facial cleansing pad.

If you would like to check out the Beauty Box in detail then you can do so HERE


I’m so excited that I have one of these gorgeous boxes to give away. At the moment they are quite rare as they’ve only produced a few boxes to try it out, so this is an amazing opportunity for someone.


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Comments 15

  1. Hello Glynis,
    This sounds so interesting- I like to win 😉. I do follow your FB sites, instagram and Twitter.
    Most of your recommendations have been a very important change in my life. With Collagen Shots still being the best.
    So I like to win and test this great beauty box.

  2. I love green people , I have found some amazing things from your recommendations. I look forward to your articles
    and your inspiration.
    Thank you Glynis

  3. Hi Glynis,
    Good luck for your Asia trip… I follow you on FB and Instagram… Always willing to try new products … and these products from the Green people sound good. Would love to win 👍

  4. I follow you on FB & subscribe to your newsletter. Thanks for your recommendations ; I discovered Quinoa styling serum thanks to your page & would love to try some of the other Green People products you are offering!

  5. Hi Glynis

    I would love to win the prize I absolutely love Green people products – but obviously this would give me a chance to try some of the products I wouldn’t normally buy.

    Love your articles, hope you enjoy your trip to Asia, I already follow you on all levels.
    Regards Julie

  6. I’m not sure if men can enter (though we care about looking our best too), I’m not sure if Americans can enter (I’m willing to pay the extra shipping cost), and I’m not sure when this contest ends (that’s a lot of uncertainty), but I’ll throw my hat in the ring anyway because I’d love to win this prize for my mother. Her birthday is on October 16th. She works really hard and deserves to pamper herself with a product she’d never splurge on. I’d love to wrap this box in some fancy paper and a pretty bow and see her face light up when she opens it. She adores spa products and collects elegantly-wrapped soap in a basket by the sink. This would be a fantastic addition to her collection! I’m also trying to get her to use more organic products because I know they are better for the environment and our health. I really hope I win. I subscribed to Ageless and liked your Facebook page. I don’t have Instagram or Twitter accounts because I try to limit my use of social media. Thanks for this amazing contest. It’s a lot of fun to have the chance to win.

  7. Hi Glynis,

    The beauty box sounds fantastic, I would love to win it, I look forward to your updates, and have subscribed to Ageless, since the start. Good luck in Asia.

  8. Hello!

    Well I’d love to win! Full stop!!

    I follow you on everything, but I’m actually hoping to win for an amazing friend, she follows ageless, but I’m not sure if she follows anything else. 😕but please let me tell her about her before she is beyond consideration.

    Ok, Ele Coveney, 46, Broadstairs. That’s the stats. When we were babies we worked together, travelled together, went through shit together (the usual late teen, early 20s shit).

    Anyway, Ele has always been an absolute angel, worried over everything but I think far more competent and confident than she ever appreciated. Always an amazing confidante, I can turn to her no matter what.

    These last few years she’s been to hell and back. Firstly her story.

    She has three beautiful boys. The eldest, 20, finding his way. Then the bubs, Sam, 6, in and out of hospital with nephrotic syndrome, will need a transplant. Max, 4, fed via PEG, swallow problems are a mystery still, intubated for a month over his first Christmas, Ele and Lee came so close to losing him, it’s every parents nightmare. She’s so strong, battles on. Early this year diagnosed with thyroid cancer with lymph node spread. She was positive (it’s the good cancer!!!. Even though when we were young, if she had a headache she thought she had a brain tumour!! And I know she wouldn’t mind me saying that!!) A 10 hour operation and enough radiation to power the Kent electricity demand for a few years has made her “cancer free”. Ele has been amazing throughout this whole ordeal (age? experience? kids? who knows?) and so deserves a special treat. She admires organic products, and a gift so pure for her would be incredible. She’s had so much “God knows what” in her body these last 6 months she’s still glowing 😢 and this would not only offer her a boost but products that are undeniably perfect for her susceptible body.

    My girls and I were lucky enough to win ‘Green People Rose Damask’ products last year and appreciate how beautiful they are.

    Thank you for considering this entry 😊👍

    BTW, have a safe trip ✈️😴👍

  9. Hello Mrs. Brandon,

    Hope all is well.

    I would be really happy if I had a chance to try these items from the U.K. because I am a skincare-make up junkie and I pay attention to clean ingredients. I follow you on both Instagram, Facebook and Twitter.

    Thank you for the opportunity.

    Please say “hi” to Mr. Brandon.

    Best regards and love…

  10. Hello Glynis, on the recommendation to The Green People I am certainly going to try them but I would love to win some makeup. I follow you on Facebook and Instagram. Thank you for all the advice you give.

  11. Always love your advice Glynis, I like Green People products & as my Daughter gets married next year, I’d love to try these as I need to treat myself to some new skincare & make up. I did see this on This Morning & thought what a great gift. 💕💕💚

  12. I follow you on FB & am also a subsciber to your newsletter. I discovered one of my hero products thanks to you (Green People quinoa hair serum) & would love the chance to try some of the other products from GP so…………fingers crossed!!!

  13. Hi, I love Greenpeople’s makeup especially the mascara, have it in brown and black! Have tried all the shampoos in the range and always use their sunscreen as quite simply it works without all the added chemicals! I have started to follow both yourself and Insync diet on Instagram, was already following on twitter and subscribe to the ageless page and the facebook page already. I am about to get my second knee replacement this year, so would love to receive all these products from Greenpeople, Christmas would seem like it has come early!x

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