Gillian Julius (jewellery designer)

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Gillian Julius

If only I’d known then what I know now…I would have put away the baby oil, folded the silver reflector, stayed out of the sun and stashed the chocolates , but as we all know hindsight is 20/20 vision!

 As an International jewelry designer I find myself constantly on the move , on and off planes, and in situations which are at times overwhelming , exhausting and last but not least aging! 

Staying hydrated and my skin moisturized but make-up free on these long flights helps me arrive looking fresh and best of all the water helps prevent jetlag.

 Whilst I cannot turn back time I am fortunate enough to live in an era where there are so many advances being made on a daily basis, most of which are just a doctor or local pharmacist away.

Not a day goes by without my praise and thanks to Dr Julia Hunter for her incredible vitamin C powder and emu oil which brings a youthful radiance to my skin, but must at the same time confess to a love for over the counter “Regenerist Micro-Sculpting Cream by Olay and an addiction to Beverly Hills plastic surgeon  Dr Kanodia’s newly launched Amla Peptide Serum which promotes pro- collagen

That being said as I find my once cute freckles turning to brown spots it is not just topical creams that halt the march of time but attitude to daily stresses and life’s bumps in the road that help slow down the process and keep my outlook positive. This I could not achieve without a  diet rich in fruits and vegetables and a varied exercise routine of a pilates, boxing, yoga and indoor skiing ! A routine that all doctors agree is the one of the key factors in anti-aging and one that is easily attainable as most hotels now have onsite gyms .!

American Airline flight 136 now leaving at gate # 2 

Gillian Julius

Gillian is my oldest friend! She hates it when I say that but what I mean is that I’ve known her longer than any other friend. Since we were about 5 in fact. She wore funny little specs that had flaps on the side (allergies) and I can’t imagine why I even spoke to this odd looking little creature! We didn’t see each other for many years and when we bumped into each other in our 20’s she’d morphed into a completely glam fashionista! She works incredibly hard, has a witty disposition and richly deserves the success she’s experiencing in her jewellery business.

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