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I’ve written about Jet Peel before and here you can watch me talk about it. It’s one of the more affordable treatments out there and to my mind very good on several levels i.e. great exfoliation and very nourishing with all the vitamins and hyaluronic acid that’s added during the treatment. Mesotherapy without the needles!

I get mine done at London Bridge Plastic Surgery.


So a couple of years ago something quite strange happened to my skin. My skin’s always been normal, if anything a bit oily and suddenly it became incredibly dry and I tried ex-foliating it and getting rid of the dry bits, and it didn’t work. It just felt, my skin felt very rough and it was flaking, it started flaking rather alarmingly. I was having to wear make-up in a play. My skin was just coming off and I didn’t know what was going on. I stopped all my products; I was only using very simple things. I thought maybe it was something I was using and it wasn’t that because my skin continued to be that way for about a year. And I was in despair thinking, you know what is causing this? Will my skin ever be normal again? And then I heard about Jet Peel. And I decided to give it a go, because I tried every other form of ex-foliation and it was just too harsh, my skin couldn’t take it.

So Jet Peel is this sort of blast of saline solution onto your face and it was amazing. My skin literally began to get better. Because even though it blasts onto your skin, it’s actually very gentle and that dead skin, that hardness, that roughness that had been accumulating for about a year on my skin began to shift. I did a few treatments and I mean the lovely thing about Jet Peel is that they start with this, well I suppose it’s an ex-foliation or cleansing with the saline and then things can be added. You can add vitamins and it’s a form if Mesotherapy where it gets the vitamin or hyaluronic acid, which is a component of your skin anyway, to go under the skin and you can add that afterwards. So that really nourishes your skin and makes it great.

To begin with, I couldn’t do the vitamins because my skin was behaving so weirdly that I couldn’t tolerate it, but after a few sessions with the Jet Peel, my skin became smoother and literally began to heal. And then I could begin doing the vitamin part of the Jet Peel, which is absolutely wonderful. Your skin looks amazing afterwards and it’s just really nice to know that it’s filled with vitamins and you know, no nasty needles to get those vitamins in there. That just this jet of air, jet of saline is just pushing all these lovely nutrients into your skin.

So I am now a huge believer of Jet Peel and it’s something that I keep doing. I did a course then, and it took, it took a few months to heal my skin.  I haven’t looked back because that condition has not come back to my skin. And so what I do is every few months I’ll go and I’ll have a little Jet Peel. It’s also really nice before any other treatment that you are doing, prepares your skin beautifully.

So, I am big, big fan of Jet Peel.

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  1. Love Love Love this talk to camera stuff. Well done Glynis it’s fab. It looks like a great fun treatment to have. I wouldn’t mind giving it a go but couldn’t afford to do it on a regular basis.Would be fun to do on a spa weekend.

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