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As many of you already know, I love Dr Julia Hunters’ skin products. They’re a lot more therapeutic than most products and I’ve had fantastic results with them. If I had to choose my most favourite, effective product it would have to be her vitamin C powder. It made such a visible difference to the skin above my eyes (although my eyes can only tolerate it every other day), even Dr Hunter herself was hugely impressed.
Here she explains why it’s so effective and beneficial.

Vitamin C Powder

Okay, why should everybody incorporate using a Vitamin C powder into their skin regimen? First of all, a powder is much better than a cream. And the reason is that Vitamin C is a water-soluble vitamin and once you mix it into a liquid or a cream, it oxidises and it oxidises quickly and so you basically got nothing that’s therapeutic in the bottle. So, it’s ideal to use a Vitamin C powder.  Why do you use vitamin C? Because, number one, it’s anti-inflammatory and life is an inflammatory event.  Inflammation is the cause of all disease in aging. So, everything that we do that’s anti-inflammatory is slowing down the clock and turning back the clock. Which is why you take Vitamin C internally and why you take Vitamin C externally. So, you can mix a Vitamin C powder into any of your skin products. But you do not put Vitamin C on skin that’s irritated. First you have to, you want to go a little bit, you want to heal, you want to calm, you want to nurture, you want to replenish your skin first before you start putting the Vitamin C on because it’s very strong.

People who have enlarged pores, Vitamin C helps decrease the inflammation on skin that‘s contributing to the enlarged pores. But remember, enlarged pores are caused by internal inflammation. Vitamin C helps make new collagen production. Vitamin C crosslets collagen. So when Vitamin C gets put into the skin, it’s a chemical messenger that forces new collagen production. So, it helps for turning back the clock, lifting, heightening. So, Vitamin C anti-inflammatory. The other thing is Vitamin C on the surface of skin with people who have acne is helping to kill the bacteria, viruses, and fungus that contribute to making the acne worse on the surface.

So, Vitamin C is very therapeutic in a multitude of ways. And it’s one of those things that everybody should incorporate at every age into their skin regimen. And it’s also very preventive. So, prevention, therapeutic, anti-inflammatory; it is one of the most important things to incorporate into your skin regimen.

Dr Julia Hunter’s Website

(At the moment Dr Hunters’ products are only available through her US site, but in a few months she’ll be all set up for the UK.)

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  1. Is that okay to incorporate vitamin c as calcium ascorbate to skin creams? They say on the pack it’s a gentle and non acidic form of vitamin c, providing also calcium (1/9 only), and that over 1000 mg a day may cause mild stomach upset. What would be the dose incorporated to the face; I guess no stomach problems, but any idea of the dose and caution?

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      Using vitamin C in skin products will have no side effects on your stomach. If you have very sensitive skin or any kind of skin condition I would not recommend using as may aggravate the condition. I use Dr Hunters’ Vitamin C powder very sparingly ( so using a tiny dosage) and if my skin is a bit red or sensitive on certain days, then I don’t use it.

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  2. Is it ok to mix it with the toner and apply on skin. Do we have to use A.M. or P.M. I started using vitamin C powder with vitamin E oil but it made my skin very dry.
    Is it ok to apply in the morning and step outside

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      It depends what form your vitamin C comes in. Mine is a powder and I like to mix it with a serum and moisturiser. Not sure I would mix with toner. I would only use it once a day because the powder is quite potent. In fact when you first start using it I would only use a couple times a week and build up to every day slowly. It can be quite hard to tolerate so if you get red or a burning feeling then leave for a few days. It’s best to use in the AM because Vitamin C will help protect your skin from both the sun and pollution.

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