Cutting Edge Skin Products – Part 3

Glynis Barber Skincare 6 Comments

It’s been 3 months now since I started using NIOD, some of the most advanced skincare products on the market, and my skin is really showing results. Gone is my dehydrated, flaky skin. Gone are the strange bumps and spots I had after a year of using stage make up. Instead I have nourished skin that is neither dry nor …

Niod Group

Cutting Edge Skin Products

Glynis Barber Skincare 8 Comments

I’m about to do something very unusual for me and it feels a bit weird. I’m almost feeling guilty about it but frankly, it has to be done. What can this be, I hear you wonder? Well…the thing is…I’m going to write about a new(ish) range of skin products that are not…gulp….chemical free…or…. completely natural! I know I know. Why, …