Liquid Foil I-Radiance


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Studio 10


A fabulous, super easy-to-use, flattering sheen for eyelids. I’m a bit obsessed with this one. This metallic liquid dries into a glowing colour wash and can be worn in a sheer layer for day or a more built up layer for evening.  The thicker the layer, the more glamorous the look.

Top tips:

  1. Apply along the eyelash line and blend upwards over the lid. Avoid the eye crease and only apply on eyelid.
  2. For a smokey eye, use the eyeliner in Mocha or Pewter in a sideways V on the outer corner of the eye and blend. Add the liner all along the upper eyelash line and also underneath eye lash line but only in the outer corner. Always blend.

It comes in two colours:

  • SABLE – a warm, golden colour that effortlessly brightens eyelids.
  • MINK – a mushroom type shade that gives a more intense smokey look.
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