Loose Women – April 2014

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Loose Women It was as much of a surprise to me as anyone else to find myself as a panellist on Loose Women a couple of weeks ago. I’ve been on as a guest a number of times so it was interesting to be on the other side for a change. I was very fortunate to be on with such a warm, welcoming bunch of ladies and it felt like we made a good team.

Thanks to Di Oliver ( my unofficial YouTube specialist ), all my bits have been brilliantly edited and captured in the video below. In fact, when you see this you will think that I never stopped talking and no-one else could get a word in! Not true I can assure you. In fact, t’was I who couldn’t get a word in a lot of the time! Those fabulous girls Myleene Klass and Jamelia had lots to say, believe me, especially about “conscious uncoupling” and bad ass husbands! And can I just say that Andrea McLean is a fantastic woman who I would quite happily get “loose” with anytime. 


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  1. I was off work for your debut so I could watch it all live as it were. You did really well to get in a word at all with Myleene and Jamelia. Crossing my fingers that you become a regular. Loved the grand national btw

  2. I was also lucky enough to be off and lucky enough to get a last minute audience ticket. It’s such an interesting experience being in the studio, could see first hand just how focused you were. Think you did a great job and you looked amazing. Agree the horse racing was hysterical! All we in the audience could see were bums! Hope you are planning to get loose again soon, it’s such an entertaining show!

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