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HD Brows - Before and After

I’ve written before about how transforming and youth-making a beautifully shaped brow can be. Like a little facelift for sure. I myself tattoo my eyebrows after a teenage brow hatchet job went horribly wrong and left me with mismatched skinny tadpoles.

However there is now a company, HD Brows, that specialises in making the most perfect brow, tailor made to each person. They look at the face shape and colouring and then create the brow that’s just right for you. They use many different methods to achieve this like plucking, waxing, tinting and threading. They may even ask you to grow your brows in certain areas and if your hairs won’t grow where they need to, they might tattoo that little area to fill it in. The inspirational founder is Nilam Patel and she has revolutionised brow shaping in the UK. Their work is truly exceptional as I know from first hand experience. They’ve trained people all round the UK to work this way and by going on the HD Brows website, you’ll find a list of salons where you’ll find a specialist.

So goodbye to unruly, sparse or over-plucked brows and a warm welcome to the perfect brow!

Check here for a specialist near you: HD Brows


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  1. I’m interested in have my eyebrows tatood as they are very sparse and have virtually stopped growing. I wanted to ask where you had yours done .
    Many thanks

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