Ageing with Happiness and Acceptance

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Here life coach Ora Nadrich talks about the importance happiness plays in how we age.

“Beauty is not in the face; beauty is a light in the heart.”

Kahlil Gibran

How we feel reflects how we look. No matter how we appear on the outside, if we don’t feel happy and content within, it shows. Yes, we can look pretty, lovely and fashionable, but what really shines through all of it is the light within us.

And what is that light, really? An inner light comes from loving and accepting ourselves. It’s being at peace with our authentic self, which is who we Ageless Happinesstruly are — mind, body and spirit.

When we accept who we are, we can allow ourselves to age without ambivalence or doubt about our identity. And by recognizing and acknowledging our authentic self, we can live in the present as who we are meant to be, and not in the past as who we once were or thought we were supposed to be.

To age with happiness and acceptance, we must be willing to embrace the process of getting older. Our journey  can be a magnificent one if we can allow ourselves to find joy in evolving and aging. With time, our wisdom becomes more important than our surface beauty, and we draw our strength from the power of who we’ve become because of our life experiences, both good and difficult.

When we live our lives comfortable in our own skin, not just for how we look, but also for how we feel about ourselves, aging doesn’t become something that preoccupies or concerns us. We accept it with grace, knowing that it’s an inevitable part of life, and we are ready to meet it with confidence.

Our spirit has no age attached to it, and the happiness that comes from being our authentic self is the very thing that keeps us young. It is our state of mind that determines how we feel, and if we view ourselves as ageless, we will live our lives feeling that way.

Women do become more beautiful with time because their face tells their story which is uniquely their own, and the wonderful sparkle in their eyes reveals their vibrancy of spirit. The glow we have will always defy age. It represents our strength, femininity, wisdom and courage. As women, we naturally understand the miracles and mysteries of life. That is why we are Goddesses. Our knowledge is deep and vast. Our beauty will always be much more than just how we look. It is eternal, as is the light that shines from within us.

Ora Nadrich 

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