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Collagen Wave

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Radio frequency skin treatments are one of my favourites as they effectively tighten skin, improve collagen production and have no downtime with zero pain factor. The only downside is the cost. While it may be too expensive to indulge in a course every year, I do think even occasional one off treatments are well worth it. I’ve tried a few now including Endymed and Fractura Firm and love both of them. But now I’ve tried Collagen Wave and I have to say it just may be my favourite.

There are only 2 places in the UK you can get it and that’s at the HD Brows Salon in Notting Hill and Dermaspa in Milton Keynes. This hard to get factor only adds to it’s appeal. It was designed and created by Dr Saleh and is exclusively available through these two beauty salons.

Radio frequency has been used medically for years. It heats up the deep layers of the skin causing the collagen to tighten and promotes the production of new collagen giving the skin a more youthful appearance.

Collagen Wave uses a wand which is firmly but rather pleasurably rolled round the face. This movement alone feels quite stimulating and rather like a massage and I usually end up falling asleep. The wand heats up but because it’s constantly moving it doesn’t burn. It’s great for the entire face, including round the eyes, the neck and the décolletage. At the end of the session your skin looks wonderful. However it takes a good few weeks or even months before a lasting improvement to collagen is visible in the skin. The session lasts about 45 minutes and is deeply relaxing and enjoyable.

 I would do this every week for the rest of my life if I could. It really is one of the best treatments around.

There are rumours of them working on a machine that works on body parts and I will be first in line if this happens. A course of 3 -10 sessions is recommended but if that’s not possible, I would go for at least one. It’s great before a special occasion as it leaves your skin plumped up and dewy.

If you live in London the place to go is HD Brows Notting Hill Beauty SalonNot only do they do Collagen Wave but also the best brow treatments around. From shaping to tattooing. The best in the business in my opinion. A great beauty salon to have in the diary.

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  1. Hi would like to know what you think about the micro current treatment for the face.also have you tried vitamins a c and e in your skincare routine.
    Kind regards Natalie

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      I haven’t done the micro current treatment. Is that similar to caci? In my opinion the radio frequency treatments are going to give a better result. I think vitamin C is absolutely amazing for the face. The problem is finding one in a stable form and that is potent enough. I swear by Julia Hunters Vitamin C powder.

  2. I tried the collegan wave at HD the results were very good for a few days
    however on the 3 times I had it the next day (on all three sessions)
    I had jaw and cheekbone ache so much so that I had to take a couple of nurofen
    it put me off having it again because all though it was pleasurable having it done
    the pain the next day wasn’t!

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      Ooh I’ve never heard of that with Collagen Wave before! Did the ache go after that day? It’s worth contacting whoever did it or the manager and letting them know. I would love to know their response. You should however get a good response even after 3 sessions. In about 6-8 weeks you should notice that your skin is looking rather good and people start commenting on it. Let me know?

      1. Yes it did it was only temporary ..the shop phoned me before my very first appointment to ask if I would be happy to have a therapist who was near the end of her training in using it…. the cost was greatly reduce and I was assured the young lady had been trained in its technique but need to treat several clients to get her qualification in its use…a bit like trainee hairdressers I suppose…I was happy… firstly the cost was significantly lower and secondly we all have to learn so to speak….the young lady in question was very professional too
        I did raise the point after my second session… also asked if the waves were frying my brain!.. but they seemed to brush it aside I didn’t want to make a fuss just assumed it came with the procedure (and as it didn’t last more than a day)…however it did put me off it a little bit as I knew what was coming the following day so to speak….perhaps I will go back at sometime and ask for another therapist…see if I have the same reaction….did like the immediate results although I didn’t see any improvement over the following months like they said there would be I was having them weekly….perhaps I needed more…although my skin is in quite good condition at 55 so I thought I fell in to the lower use category…maybe next year……love this website by the way 🙂

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          I think it would be well worth doing another session with a senior technician. I would also ask for it to be at a reduced rate because of the discomfort you’ve received. If you experience it again then I would lay off these treatments. If you don’t, then it was clearly the technician who was at fault and she may have been using too high a setting or something and they really need to know this. I would suggest phoning and speaking this through with the manager rather than the lady who has done the treatments. Results can take 2-3 months to show and they are subtle. However I believe that as I’ve done these kind of treatments for a number of years, I think my skin is holding up well and possibly is staying firmer than it would have done without them. Keep me posted?

  3. Hi there, this is a great article thank you Glynis!
    Regarding the ache… this can sometimes occur. We can reduce the energy and firmness we use to lift and sculpt the face and jaw line. In the concent form it does list that if you suffer from Migraines this treatment would not be suitable as radio frequency is attracted to white (bone), would this relate to you at all? If not, a softer approach could perhaps help.
    The Dr suggests for every decade you are, you’ll need two hours on the machine I.e if you were 30 – 6hrs on the machine, 40 – 8hrs and so on… This give a guideline as to how many you may need to notice remarkable results.
    I hope this helps & if we can invite you back in, we’d be more than happy to try this for you.
    The treatment starts from £150.
    Thanks again Glynis for a wonderful write up and we hope to see you all again soon.
    Kristina (owner of HD boutique). X

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  4. How do these ‘electrical’ treatments affect the two spinning chakras in the head and the one in the neck. I would imagine it would interfere with them.
    Also so many of the meridians of the body’s organ, end in the face ie bladder, gallbladder, triple warmer (heart) stomach small intestine. Also there’s the Governing vessel and Conception vessel that deliver Qi (energy) around the body.
    I would not like to interfere with these!

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      I have no idea to be honest. I’m not sure it goes deep enough to interfere with that kind of energy. It’s going into the dermis layers only. I certainly didn’t feel any change to my energy or wellbeing.

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      They are helpful in tightening all areas of skin but it’s important to be realistic in your expectations. If there is a lot of loose skin then you won’t see a big difference. It works best for people who just need a slight tightening before things go too far.

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