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The perfect eye palette for a grown up smokey eye (video)

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I love a smokey eye but is it still a good look after a certain age?

The answer is to do a super flattering grown up version. I didn’t even know there was such a thing before doing this video with Grace Fodor, founder of the fabulous Studio 10 makeup range which is specially designed for mature skin. I get shown how to use her eye shadow palette of neutral colours to great effect. It’s called Visible Lift I-Definer.

There are so many makeup tricks throughout the video

Also so much advice on what to do and not do as we age. Have you heard of the triangle trick? Trust me you need to know it. I highly recommend watching all the way through to get ALL the tricks. We start with a fresh, very natural look to wake up the eyes and then build up to a truly flattering smokey eye. Grace shows us how to achieve it while still keeping our eyes looking fresh and wide awake.

I LOVE this look so much I’ve adopted it for my latest TV role

I just couldn’t resist and if ever a character needed a smokey eye this is it!

I have of course added the eye palette to my shop as well the fabulous Studio 10 mascara and entire range of brushes. The brushes are perfect for achieving the look and are all double sided, so you don’t need too many in your makeup kit.  There’s lots of advice on which brush to use throughout the video.

You’ll find all the new products here:


I had great fun making this video and hope you have as much watching it.

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  1. Hi Glynis, just watched your You Tube video, I have to say I’ve never thought you were coming across with pre misconceptions! I don’t know you at all albeit what I do see is a lovely lady! You shouldn’t have to explain yourself at all! You delivered the video with much love and dignity! Ive always had many people jealous of me, what car I drive, the holidays, super children, my tall dark handsome Graham! It’s their issues not mine! I’m fortunate and I lose it at times, money doesn’t make you happy, it gives you choices. Keep doing what you’re doing Glynis, for your Michael and Son, life comes with many challenges, we all need to find away! I do hope one day I’ll just say hi again! Thank you for always acknowledging me, I’ve always respected your privacy!
    Best Wishes to you
    Emma Dale-Housden

    1. Post

      Thanks Emma. Yes we all have challenges no matter our circumstances. I would hope I come across as transparent but I do think that even without intending it, people can think it’s all perfect so I thought it important to to be upfront about it.

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