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After writing about my latest product crush on the fabulous organic Balm Balm range, the lovely people there made contact! If that wasn’t exciting enough, they then put me  in their newsletter. I started emailing back and forth with Haydn who is clearly a woman after my own heart. She even invited me to visit their office in Kingston. We agreed she would pick me up from the main shopping centre in her mini.

Glynis+Hildacloseup I arrived all excited and looked around for her car. Other than a mini parked on the side with a bloke in it, I couldn’t see her anywhere. And that was the first surprise. Haydn was a man!!! I was in such shock I wasn’t sure I should get in the car. He kept talking to me like everything was perfectly normal and I kept saying, “but you’re a man!” The only other Haydn I’ve ever heard of is Haydn Gwynne who is an actress and most definitely a woman. I was now feeling quite discombobulated!

By the time we arrived at the office I was starting to calm down. First to greet me was Glenda, Haydn’s wife who I’m pleased to confirm was a woman. I then met their son and a member of staff who is in fact, a friend. There’s a daughter inphoto 2volved too. This is a family business.

The first thing you notice when you walk in is the wonderful smell. The room was filled with shelves of their products and a table where they literally sit and make most of the products. The only thing that goes out to a factory is their balms where they are made to an exact formulation. They have an office upstairs where we settled down for a cup of tea.

The first thing I wanted to ask was how they make their products 100% organic because this is very unusual. Even the top organic ranges have to have some sort of preservative in which means they might be between 90-98% organic. Glenda explained that a product only needs a preservative if you add water (this makes it a solid which makes it into a cream). Their ethos is to be completely pure and organic so they add no water which is why their products are oils or balms. This is actually a more expensive way of producing a product because water is a great filler. It makes their low price even more amazing. Glenda, who is an aromatherapist, had a vision of creating staple products accessible to everyone. Like Vaseline, she laughed, but pure.

Glenand-GlynlowresI asked if this meant their products go off very quickly? Unopened they have a shelf life of 2-3 years and opened, 6-12 months which is in fact similar to most products. The products are so pure you could drink or eat any of them if so desired (which would, however, mean you’re a bit weird).

I’m only familiar with their anti-ageing Frankincense range but was delighted to see they have loads of other products. As well as other facial cleansers, masks and serums, they have lip balms, body balms, essential oils, bath and shower oils, eau de parfum and more.

They filled a bag with the most gorgeous goodies for me to try and I can’t wait. In particular I look forward to trying the perfume which I don’t normally wear, as all perfume goes sickly sweet on me. These pure organic fragrances could be the answer.

And of course, dear reader, I didn’t forget you. I’ve asked Balm Balm if we can work on doing some special treat for Ageless. So do watch this space.

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