DNA Anti-Ageing Test

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DNA Anti-Ageing TestThis is the world’s first in-store DNA test and is right up my street. I love a bit of science and also the the idea of finding out if my DNA is helping or hindering with the ageing process. So when the the Organic Pharmacy invited me to go along and try it out, I jumped at the chance. Would I discover I shared DNA with Cleopatra or perhaps a Viking warrior or would I turn out to be part Pygmy like Eddie Izzard?  Well it seems I’d got just a tad over excited. This test is not about finding out your entire heritage but specifically looks at the genes that are associated with how fast or slowly you break down collagen, in other words your pre-disposition to ageing and the metabolism of specific active ingredients used to delay ageing.

Professor Chris Toumazou from Imperial College London created this test, which uniquely gives results within 30 minutes, and specifically partnered with the Organic Pharmacy because of the quality of their skin products and the wonderful and wide variety of natural ingredients that they contain.

So after providing a bit of spit, which is somehow processed to send information to some far flung laboratory somewhere, there is a personalised anti-ageing lifestyle consultation. Questions are asked and advice is then offered on how to stay looking younger for longer. So far so good, but nothing I didn’t already know. Then after about 30 minutes the DNA results are in! They come in the form of a list of ingredients. I was expecting some information on my  specific genes but apparently you get one of two different lists. The one list means you break down collagen slowly (this is good) but if you get the other list you break it down faster. The list you get is the ingredients that are going to be most effective for you. The idea is to look out for products that contain these ingredients. You are then given a list of all the products from the Organic Pharmacy that are ideal for you as well as a list of supplements that would benefit you. My list contained such things as grape seed extract, rose hip and vitamin E. Interestingly the products that were recommended for me were ones that I already love like the Carrot Butter cleanser.

I was thrilled to learn that I break down collagen slowly and I do think the products from the Organic Pharmacy are exquisite so one can’t go far wrong with this approach but I was expecting the result to be a bit more scientific or specific to me. Somehow I wanted more than a list of ingredients. Mind you I don’t know what I would have done with any further DNA information and probably a list of ingredients is much more practical. I think I may have been watching a bit too much of the history channel! And anyway, which ever tribe I come from have left me with nice collagen loving genes, so cheers for that, whoever you are!

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