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How to protect your skin from pollution

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Millions of us live in cities and big towns and air pollution is such a part of our lives that we don’t even think about it. We’re all so used to fumes spewing out of traffic, planes and industrial sites that it’s just part of the fabric of our lives.

However pollution is not to be underestimated. It’s a killer.

The World Health Organisation has stated that air pollution is the biggest environmental risk to health and is responsible for one in every nine deaths.

So can you imagine what it’s doing to our skin??

Well for a start, it’s seriously ageing it!

Health wise there are several things you can do besides moving out of town. I for one try and walk on side roads rather than major roads full of traffic. And I use chemical free products to clean my house as it’s been found that pollution inside homes is as bad as outside.

However today’s article is focusing on skin. Cigarette smoke, exhaust fumes as well as heavy metals generate free radicals on our skin putting it under oxidative stress. The skin loses it’s radiance, gains an unhealthy pallor and the ageing process is accelerated.

I predict that products protecting us from pollution will be the next big thing

I’m not sure the beauty companies have quite caught up with this however as it was difficult to find many companies who make such products. As you probably know, my main focus is always on chemical free and natural products so that limited my search for a start.

I consider products full of chemicals to be a form of pollution

Therefore a good place to start protecting your skin would be to switch to natural products.

And I did manage to find some really good natural products specifically designed to protect skin from pollution.

I love each and every one of these and they’ve already become regular fixtures on my bathroom shelf.

All of the below are available at Love Lula.

FOM – Firm & Contour Serum

This serum pretty much does it all. It’s firming and lifting while supporting collagen and improving the skins’ elasticity. It’s wonderfully hydrating but very light and can be used on it’s own or with a moisturiser on top. It uses an array of anti-oxidants to protect the skin. In particular it has Adaptogenic Rhodiola Skin Defence complex to make the skin resilient to environmental damage. It’s a great serum and I love it.

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FOM – Hydrating Anti-Pollution Cream Cleanser

Also filled with anti-oxidants and adaptogenic botanicals, the cream has a light and pleasant smell and is another tool in the arsenal against pollution. Using both science and and nature to thoroughly clean and protect, it removes environmental grime and deeply nourishes the skin.

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Mádara City CC – Hyaluronic Anti-Pollution CC cream SPF 15

This one is a complete winner for me and is ideal to use over the FOM serum. A double whammy of protection. It’s nourishing, protecting, gives light coverage AND has an SPF!! Is there anything it doesn’t do? This is the kind of product I dream about and literally can’t believe when I find.

It comes in a light beige and a medium beige. Weirdly they both seem to suit my skin, probably because the coverage is quite sheer. However I settled for the medium in the end as I felt it suited my skin colour better. It shields your skin from pollutants and UV rays, protects the skin biodome and prevents inflammation while at the same time correcting skin tone imperfections. This gets a major thumbs up from me.

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Mádara Smart – Anti-pollution Charcoal and Mud Repair Mask

This is great for congested skin. It reverses the damage done by free radicals (responsible for most of your visible ageing) and promotes skin cell renewal. It’s the perfect way to get rid of a pollution build up and leaves your skin soft and nourished.

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REN – Flash Defence Anti-Pollution Mist

This convenient and easy to use spray can be used over your regular products to give your skin a protective shield or in conjunction with the products above to give your skin added protection. It uses ingredients to form a protective barrier and amino acids to get rid of free radicals. It also has anti-oxidants which seem to be one of the most important ingredients in the battle against pollution and is in all of the products in this article.

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I was very impressed with all of these products and fully intend using them myself from now on. You will find more anti-pollution products on the Love Lula site. Check out the full FOM range.

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