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Protect your face with a daily SPF

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Skin has many enemies in today’s world, from diet to lack of sleep to stress. However pollution in many of our cities is now so bad that it has arguably become enemy no.1. The other big enemy, the one that will turn your skin to leather or give you patches of dark pigmentation, is the sun. Now a little sun is good for us and is in fact vital to keep our vitamin D levels healthy, however…

My philosophy is that it’s best to get that sun quota on the body rather than the face

That’s not to say a teeny bit of moderate sun on one’s face occasionally is a bad thing, but full on sunbathing most certainly is, as well as walking around unprotected when the sun is blazing.

I highly recommend wearing a daily moisturiser with an SPF in the summer months

And there are a few things to consider when buying one.

If the product contains toxic chemicals, are you actually doing more harm than good?

I believe that the answer is yes. Ideally you should use a natural product that is great for every day use. It should help hydrate, nourish and tighten skin, protect against pollution and of course have an SPF.

This seems like quite a tall order I know, so let’s see what I found.

AYAN – SPF 35 Mineral Sunscreen

Most natural SPF products use a mineral sunscreen usually made from zinc oxide and unfortunately often leave a white film on the face. When I first applied this one, my face was completely chalky white which was a bit alarming, but after a couple of minutes I was amazed at how much it had disappeared. A few further rubs and it had all but disappeared leaving only the faintest white residue. The reason I’m including it is that it’s really nourishing due to containing vitamin E and made my skin feel wonderful. It’s so pure it can be used on babies.

Now would I use this as my daily moisturiser? No probably not. But I would definitely use it if we were having a heatwave and I needed to be outside. Or if I was on holiday. With it’s 35 SPF it offers high protection and the zinc oxide is of the non-nano variety which is a good thing. And if I had young children I would definitely use it on them. It has the further benefit of being for the body as well as the face.

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Mádara – SPF 30 Age-Defying Sunscreen

I love this one. It ticks all the boxes. It’s natural, shields the skin from pollution, regenerates the skin and has a perfect SPF of 30. This is the number I like for my everyday wear during the summer. It can be worn on it’s own or over your usual moisturiser. I tend to wear serums or a light facial oil and then apply this over, although sometimes I wear it on it’s own. It has a slight tint to disguise the zinc oxide (amongst the many other ingredients it contains, many of which are organic) which suits most skin complexions. You could apply foundation over this because the tint is very sheer.

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Eco Cosmetics – CC Cream Q10 SPF 30

Containing titanium dioxide and zinc oxide as well as many organic ingredients, this hydrating and light CC cream also comes with a tint. The light tint is for most light skins and the dark tint for much darker and black complexions (which is great because so many brands do not accommodate black skins). It does contain perfume, linalool and limonene which can occasionally cause skin irritation so if you are prone to this type of thing then best to avoid. If not, it won’t affect you. In fact there are many natural brands that contain a few chemicals in their sunscreens for the simple reason that they are trying to avoid the white chalky look and make the effect as natural and smooth as possible. I’m ok with this compromise because they are still so much better than the regular products on the market and don’t contain any of the big nasties.

With the addition of hyaluronic acid and Q10, this will hydrate your skin wonderfully while still being very light. Perfect for those who don’t want a heavy cream but still want the hydration.

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de Mamiel- Exhale Daily Hydrating Nectar SPF 30

I’ve saved the best for last. It’s also the most expensive at £83. However this product is quite simply superb as is this entire range. Using zinc oxide and titanium dioxide (we’re seeing a definite pattern here) it also contains a neutral tint. It is so incredibly light with the most delicate and intoxicating smell and filled with herbs that protect, calm and heal. It offers powerful protection against pollution and even helps detoxify the skin. It uses hyaluronic acid and avocado extract to hydrate and nourish. It leaves your skin glowing and is my idea of perfection. It offers every single thing you need to protect and nourish your skin in the most light formulation imaginable while treating your senses with it’s uplifting aroma. A real treat to begin your day with.

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I have also recently written an article on products that protect from pollution and why this is so important.

How to protect your skin from pollution

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  1. Thank you Glynis & the InSync & all updates, just printed another email but lost it before i got to write my name!!! Stress, this week’s article & every other, so very interesting & help a lot,&very familiar!!! I use a lot from your side, products, but at the moment using 1 moisturizer, but find it just a bit sticky, but helps a lot from sun-rays, Love Lula, Kimberley Sayer of London, Anti-Oxidant daily for dry or combination!! SPF30!! Thank You Glynis!!!

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