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My skin guru’s new eye cream

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When skin guru, Marie Reynolds, brings out a new product, it’s always a time to take notice. As you will see from the video below, Marie works from the inside out on the skin and creates products that enhance and continue this work.

Her skin products work with the skin biome

I’d never heard of the skin biome before I met Marie, but as it’s become understood how incredibly important the gut biome is, I can’t help thinking the same will apply to the skin. Her products are always gentle and work with all this in mind.

Her range of products is small and select and she explains why in the video. She believes in keeping things simple and also in products that multi-task.

And now she has a small range of eye products that are absolutely wonderful and also healing. It consists of an eye cream, little copper gadgets to apply it (which can also be used to massage points round the eyes and the face) plus some eye masks designed to help headaches and insomnia, besides many other benefits.

The video shows how to massage the face with the “eye balls”, as the gadgets are called. As always with Marie, she’s full of interesting information and it’s well worth watching all the way through. Links to Marie’s products are below.

Eye Products

Marie Reynolds London

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