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Any followers of this site will know that I’m a huge fan of Green People. One of the pioneers of the natural and organic beauty market and a company of integrity and high standards.

More importantly, Green People’s skin products are great

They have gradually been adding make-up products to their range and although still small in size, each addition is a little gem.

Each new make-up product is well worth the wait

They have recently added 2 new products and of course, I couldn’t wait to try them.

Velvet Matte Lipstick – Berry Nude

Their first lipstick, Damask Rose, was the perfect nude that suited just about everyone. Subtle and flattering it’s been a huge hit. Now they have a darker version in Berry Nude. And once again it’s designed to flatter all skin tones. I’ve never been a lover of dark lipsticks as they simply don’t suit me but I love this one. A more dramatic and deeper colour, this berry has a browny undertone that suits me very well. I tend to apply and then blend with my finger so the colour isn’t too dense. However I suspect anyone who loves their lipstick bright will love it in it’s full vibrant colour. However because it’s still a nude (albeit a much darker one) it doesn’t stand out like a red for example. I would guess it won’t even look that dark on some skin tones.

Although matte, it glides on beautifully and has a creamy texture. It’s moisture boosting and organic.

I suspect Green People has another winner on their hands.


High Definition Eye Liner – Carbon Black

This is their very first eyeliner. I know a black pencil eyeliner doesn’t seem that exciting but I’ve fallen in love with this one.

There’s black and then there’s black. In my opinion a very dark black can be too harsh and make an eye look over made up. This is not a good look especially on a more mature face.

However this black is just perfect. Darker then grey (which I think is also a deeply flattering colour), it’s a softer black that makes a great impact. It really made the blue of my eyes pop. It’s been designed to do just this and to make all eye colours pop, not just blue. It’s a great texture – not too hard and easy to apply and blend. A very flattering colour indeed.

It’s organic, vegan, waterproof and perfect for sensitive eyes as well.


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