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How to tackle pigmentation (video)

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Pigmentation is a subject that concerns many people and I get asked a lot about it. In today’s video, I talk about managing pigmentation and also about managing expectations. There are no magic products and I personally have not had much success with treatments I’ve tried. Other than a chemical peel, which will require an anaesthetic and weeks of downtime, I don’t know of anything that will completely get rid of pigmentation.

Remember that your pigmentation has taken decades to form

It’s probably a result of sunbathing in your extreme youth. As we age, the pigmentation will appear darker and we get “age spots”.

It’s simply not realistic to expect a product to make it disappear overnight

Managing pigmentation by protecting your skin and using gentle products to stop it from getting worse and fading it, is the way to go.

I’ve been using ARK’s Radiance serum which is specially designed to tackle pigmentation and am delighted with the results. I’ve seen a definite fading of my pigmented areas. Radiance is full of vitamin C which helps brighten the complexion, as well as red algae and amino acids which help to fade unsightly patches and even out skin tone.

Although you should get a nice result with Radiance alone, I recommend using it along with the 3 DEFY products in the ARK range that are specially designed for mature skin and all contain vitamin C to help tackle pigmentation. It consists of a cleanser, day moisturiser and night moisturiser. By using all 4 products together, you will maximise your results.

They are all in the Ageless Shop:


I discuss all this in more detail in the video. Enjoy and do give my YouTube channel a follow if you haven’t already.

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