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How active ingredients can transform your skin

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Three months ago I went to the Harley Street Skin Clinic to go back on the Visia machine to see if the products they had prescribed for me had improved the wrinkles and sun damage that had showed up the time before.

I had been shocked to see how my skin had aged

I’d always thought my skin looked quite good for my years. But the Visia machine doesn’t lie.

They prescribed some products with active ingredients like retinoids, fruit acids, alpha hydroxy acids and glycolic acids.

The results were incredible

After 5 months of using the products, I went back on the Visia machine to find there’d been a dramatic improvement.

If you would like to read the 3 articles to see exactly what products I used and the results just click on the links below:

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So here I am 3 months later after these great results and I have to say I’m getting a lot compliments on my skin.

I keep getting told that I look very well, my skin looks lovely and that I’m glowing

I pop back to the clinic to catch up with the owner Lesley Reynolds. The next thing I know I’m being whisked off by beauty consultant Jessica who puts me back on to the Visia machine to see if I’ve managed to keep up the results.

Firstly she peers at my skin and remarks on how great it looks

Now I have to be honest, I wasn’t quite prepared for this. I’d run out of the prescribed products some time ago and had been looking for other cheaper or more natural alternatives. I worried that my results might’ve slipped. I needn’t have feared.

 The results left me gobsmacked

Not only had the results held, they’d dramatically improved even further.

It had improved even more than the BEFORE and AFTER of my previous Visia analysis.


The skin was also visibly smoother and less lined than in July which in turn was smoother than February. A few people were disappointed when I didn’t include photos from the Visia machine last time. Trust me I really wanted to but sadly although we could see the improvement with the naked eye, it didn’t come across in the photos. The images in the machine have coloured spots over the face and the face has a slightly Xray type feel and it just doesn’t photograph well.

Here’s what we found:

Wrinkles –

This is collagen production and the amount of wrinkles you have. I’d had a dramatic improvement last time and gone from below 50% to 92%. One of my best results. To our astonishment it had crept up even further to 95%. Clearly the retinols as well as the glycolic acid had helped with this. Jessica said this was an absolutely top result and couldn’t get any better.

Spots –

This is cell turn over and I had previously had a 10% improvement. It had now improved a further 30% and was working at a 95% capacity.

This means my cell turn over is now behaving like a 20 year old!

Jessica said this is as good as it gets. The retinol would’ve played a big part in this, as well as the Neostrata peel pads which help get rid of dead cells. I mean WOW.

Texture –

This is the smoothness of skin and the dewiness of your skin will depend on this smoothness. Ok are you ready?

We saw an absolutely astonishing improvement of nearly 70%!

It too is now working at a capacity in the mid 90’s percentage-wise. And this is the improvement from the AFTER result! Jessica said this is why my skin looks so dewy and people are seeing a noticeable difference. By this stage I was speechless.

Once again the peel pads and retinols would be the reason for this result.

Pores –

Another astonishing improvement of over 50% taking it up to 80%. The smaller your pores, the smoother your skin will look. The peel pads and the face wash I’d used with fruit acid would’ve helped.

UV Spots –

This is long term sun damage. Growing up in a hot and sunny climate I’d had quite a lot of this but had managed a 25% improvement last time. We found there’d now been another 39% improvement! The Even Tones was responsible for most of this initially but the fact is I ran out of it a couple of months ago. I asked Jessica to explain how I could’ve had so much more improvement. She said that the products are able to maintain  results for a little while after using them but if you continue to use sunblock and other active ingredients then they can improve further. I have since added vitamin C to my regime and Jessica said this would definitely help me get results.

Brown Spots –

This is your skin colour and any tan you may have. This had actually gone up showing that I now had more of a tan. But it showed the colour was even and does not indicate sun damage. It’s curious though because I’ve not been away, haven’t sunbathed and wear an SPF every day. However we had lots of hot weather since early July and it just goes to show how one can get colour very easily. I also think that my skin is more sensitive due to the retinols.

Red Spots –

Red areas, broken capillaries etc show up as red spots. This is not something I suffer from much, but had managed a 15% improvement last time. I now had a further 2% improvement.

Porphyrins –

This shows up the amount of bacteria on your skin. Your cleansing routine and pollution affect this. My initial result was embarrassingly low even though I’d felt I was a thorough cleanser but I managed a healthy 25% improvement. We now found another 31% improvement! My exfoliating wash with fruit acids is long finished and I’ve been using whatever I had to hand but I’ve been extra thorough in my cleansing and it seems to have paid off. Jessica said looking after your skin in general would help with this as well.

So how on earth do we explain these astonishing results?

I’ve completely run out of the original products I was prescribed. Some ran out 2 or 3 months ago and some only a month ago. One of the last to run out was the Neostrata peel pads and I swear by these. They are great for cleansing, smoothing, cell turn over and getting rid of dead cells.

I have also continued to use a retinol every night and I added vitamin C to my regime.

I will never ever be without active ingredients again.

Anyone can book an appointment to go on the Visia machine absolutely FREE of charge.

To do this or check out products just click on the link below.

Harley Street Skin Clinic



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  1. Thank you for sourcing more affordable alternatives to the products you tried following your Visio experience. I have ordered a few to give them a try.

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