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Ageless ToolboxAbout 7 years ago a friend sent me to see a friend of hers who had just opened a skin clinic in Los Angeles. The incentive to go was that apparently she was setting out to get great results by using as natural methods as possible. And so I met Dr. Julia Hunter for the first time. There was an instant recognition of kindred spirits, of mutual passion for optimal health, of working from the inside out to achieve glowing youthful skin. It was Dr. Hunter who said to me that there is no ONE thing that will act as a magic bullet to make you look younger, but rather a toolbox and only by using all the tools will you get a meaningful result. (Take a peek at my Toolbox article on homepage)

For the first time here was a doctor working in a way that made sense to me. With Dr. Hunter it’s all about checking blood work, hormones and making sure that one is taking the correct supplements. We are both great believers in the power of supplements. When all is working well in the body, then great results will be achieved from the many treatments and lasers she has to offer. She also has formulated fantastic and result achieving products that I swear by.

Here at last we get to hear from this inspirational lady herself .

Girl with her hands on her chinI’m sure you’ve heard many times – Beauty comes from within. And you shrugged it off as just another silly old saying or proverb – but it IS a fact, and remains scientifically the most effective treatment approach for anti-aging and helping to prevent disease! Many people spent their lives searching for the Fountain of Youth or “miracle drugs, products and procedures” to keep looking and feeling young – only to be disappointed, have frighteningly unnatural results, become increasingly unhealthy and look and feel even worse. I recognized in medical school AND in Dermatology that the traditional practice of Medicine and Dermatology is based on treating symptoms in perpetuity – rather than finding, treating and trying to cure the cause of the problem. The one and only true methodology to actually prevent, slow down and turn back the clock and produce beautiful, healthy skin and body is to create health, otherwise at best you will receive 30-50% of the results you seek!

The theory of from health comes beauty is actually a science-based reality and the closest we will probably ever come to the fountain of youth. Even stem cells retain more youthful function when they are in a healthy environment. I spent years witnessing surgeries and suffering that so many times could have been prevented and listening to patients asking and searching for alternatives. I ultimately, as a result, became a “wholistic” dermatologist; “wholistic” meaning addressing and treating the body as a ‘whole’ – inside and out – by combining skin AND internal medicine, because I wanted to provide and educate patients on all their options, and I knew that we needed to be trying to prevent, reverse and cure rather than just writing prescriptions, diagnosing and treating disease after the fact.

I recognized that the real key to whole body anti-aging is to “see” and treat the skin as the largest organ of the body that works in unison with the other essential organs of the body… and that the skin is truly a window to what is going on inside. By treating the skin internally with healthy foods and diet, exercise, necessary supplementation, antioxidants, anti-inflammatories, energetics, detoxifiers, bio-identical hormones (if needed); while treating the skin externally with maximally therapeutic, state-of-the-science and NON-toxic skin products and professional-strength peels, along with correctly administered and best-tool-for-the-job laser skin procedures and technology – will the end result be the natural, most beautiful, youthful and healthy skin of the entire body possible… AND with the side effect being good health!  I formulated my correct therapeutic strength Skin Fitness Plus synergistic supplementation formulas and maximal physician strength Skin Therapy skin products and professional peels to provide the tools that were needed and missing to best, most quickly, scientifically correctly and NON-toxically achieve these goals.

I first assess the body’s internal organs to see how your body is functioning down to the cellular level, then individualize an Action Plan including the maximal, physician-strength, NON-toxic skin products that visibly work, along with supplements, health optimization internals, diet, exercise and lifestyle. You feel and see the difference in your health, energy, brainpower, endurance, skin of the entire body, mood and well being, as opposed to having to deal with side effects from medications (that generally also contain toxic ingredients) or surgeries. As an advocate of PREVENTION – the imperative to genuinely slow down the ticking of the clock, averting degenerative health and aging problems, looking and feeling young at EVERY age, you MUST learn what is scientifically correct and possible vs. what marketing relates, what works and what doesn’t and why, and understanding ALL your options – because after all, knowledge is power. You can empower yourself by learning the importance of NON-toxic, NON-inflammatory, NON-hormone disrupting, NON-aging ingredients and packaging of products and foods for men, women and children. Product packaging MUST also be NON-toxic to avoid penetrating chemicals that leach into the ingredients from the packaging thus into the body that then further accelerate aging and disease.

Also, you MUST maintain your skin, body and health, as you would your car or home or anything you treasure. Only then, will you be able to achieve long lasting, naturally beautiful skin and a healthy, energetic brain, body function and quality longevity.

So please STOP and THINK – next time you get caught up in all that “instant anti-aging” marketing hype; or – try to get rid of acne or other skin challenges by treating them just on the surface of the skin; or – before you invest your trust, time and money in a cream or lotion because it sounds good from the label or packaging or marketing claims of it, or – even when you are considering technology and procedures claiming to immediately disappear saggy skin and wrinkles. Remember, there is correct science and there is marketing…spend your time and your monies wisely, what works and why, why this vs. that, should be the questions that always come to mind.

Julia T Hunter MD

Please visit www.juliathuntermd.com for more information and to purchase skin products and supplements.

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