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You don’t need to spend much on skincare

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There’s a popular misconception that to achieve and maintain good skin as we age, we have to buy very expensive products. In fact, many people presume that the more expensive the product, the better they are. I disagree. It’s true that some expensive products are very effective but this is also true of some much cheaper brands. They often use the exact same ingredients but without the fancy packaging.

There’s a skincare brand that is both incredibly cheap and incredibly effective

In the video below I talk about Garden of Wisdom which is one of my favourite brands and one that I use regularly. I reveal what I look for in skincare and what the most effective ingredients are as we age.

There are 3 key ingredients that a mature skin needs

Here is the list of the products mentioned in the video and links to them all. For more info on the products, refer to the video.

Key ingredients:

No. 1 – Retinol

RetiStar Retinol Serum – £12

No. 2 – Alpha Hydroxy Acid

Azelaic Acid – £16

No. 3 – Peptides

Anti-Ageing Peptide Serum – £22

Also mentioned:

Eye Contour Serum – £20 

Argan Oil – £12

Daily Cleanser – £14

Neurophroline Serum – £20

Check out the whole range of GARDEN OF WISDOM



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