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The hero beauty products you need in lockdown

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As we all sit here in lockdown, with our beloved hairdressers and beauty salons closed, we are left to our own devices. Now none of us, I should imagine, are much bothered by our appearance at the moment. However we still want to have nice looking skin and don’t want everything to completely go to seed. I doubt anyone wants to re-emerge (whenever that blessed day may be) looking like a hairy, haggard beast. Added to which, it’s important to keep morale up. Letting ourselves go can make us feel low and dampen our mood.

I have therefore compiled a list of some hero products to help maintain and/or pamper all your bits from the tips of your toes to the tops of your head (excluding hair). These are all natural, nasties-free and either really useful or a little treat to give a lockdown boost. Minimum effort is required with these and they won’t break the bank. Everything here is from about £10 to just over £30.


1. Mádara do these great hyaluronic collagen ampoules for serous hydration and collagen boosting. Smoothing, firming and repairing, they are used as a course over 10 days for best results and then 2-3 times a week for maintenance. I found one ampoule was enough for at least 2 applications. You get 10 in a pack so you have 20 days worth.

Mádara Boost

2. Even indoors we need an SPF to protect our face. UV rays that enter through windows and conservatory glass can still damage skin. And of course we have our daily walk outside. The fact is that the sun’s rays at this time of year are at their strongest and sun damage is one of the most ageing and damaging things for your skin.

I recently discovered and love this mineral SPF 30 by REN. Don’t be alarmed by the white colour as it quickly disappears. It not only protects you from the full UV spectrum but also from blue light and pollution. It’s eco friendly (recycled packaging), vegan and fine for sensitive skins.

REN Clean Screen Mineral SPF30

3. And now for a truly multi-tasking little hero. This cleanser by Green People from their fabulous Age Defy by CV range, not only gives your skin a thorough cleanse but can also be used for loads of other beauty needs and emergencies. It’s great as a rich nourishing balm wherever you need it: lips, elbows or any dry skin anywhere. And a little goes a long way. I like to use it as an overnight mask on my face. I also use it to keep my eyebrows in place. Full of nourishing and soothing ingredients, as with all Green People products, it’s mostly organic and eco friendly.

CV Ultimate Wonder Balm 


If you suffer from dry, chapped lips (and even if you don’t), this is the product for you. Full of olive and hemp oil, this balm leaves your lips feeling seriously soft and hydrated. Mostly organic and full of omega oils and anti-oxidants, it has powerful anti-aging properties as well.

Mádara Hemp Hemp Lip Conditioning Balm


It’s become so easy to get a manicure with all the nail bars that have sprung up in recent years, that I’ve become very, very lazy when it comes to doing my own nails. Just removing nail polish now seems like a massive chore. There seems very little point at the moment in wearing nail polish, so this makes it an ideal time to look after cuticles and nails. The Glossworks range is all natural and I keep their nail oil next to my bed. I rub a little onto my nails every night as I read before lights out. Not much effort, even for me. Check out their natural nail polishes too. They have quite a thick consistency but lovely colours.  Their  “Cool As A Cucumber” is my all time favourite nail colour.

Glossworks Nail & Cuticle Oil


We’re all washing our hands umpteen times a day as well as doing cleaning and cooking like it’s the 1950’s. Dry hands are therefore inevitable. Mine became so rough and dry that my usual body lotion just wasn’t doing the trick. I then tried this beauty and it’s so rich and nourishing that my hands are fully restored to being soft and smooth. I just use a small squirt on the back of my hand and rub it in.

Belmonds Intensive Hand Cream


I haven’t tackled my feet in years. Why would I when I have the most wonderful pedicurist who cuts my nails, polishes, beautifies and paints. Oh god I miss her. It was therefore somewhat daunting and horrifying to have to try and cut my very tricky toe nails for the first time in a decade. Now I probably won’t be attempting to paint them just yet, but my dry, unsightly heels just had to go. This little pot of foot cream smells so fresh with it’s mint and comfrey and it’s done wonders for my dry heel skin. For best results use a foot exfoliating wand first. Pedicure complete.

Herbfarmacy Comfrey & Mint Foot Cream

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