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Glynis talks to Marie Reynolds about Restore (video)

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What an absolute pleasure and privilege it was to sit down with Marie Reynolds and talk to her about her hero product, Restore. This has long been my favourite skin product because of the incredible effect it has on the skin.

The result is skin as smooth as a pebble

But what exactly is it? If you’re thinking it must just be an exfoliator, Marie explains how it’s so much more than that and is in fact, food for the skin that feeds the skin’s biome. Yup that’s right, just like the gut, skin too has a biome. It’s fascinating stuff. This incredible product is also very healing for all kinds of ailments on the skin, as well as literally eating up the bad bacteria resulting in super smooth skin.

It’s insanely effective

You can view Restore on GLYNIS LOVES where you can also nab yourself a discount.


I hope you enjoy the video.

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  1. Restore sounds lovely,must order a jar.Studio 10 videos look really good,is there anywhere you can try all your videos.thank you Stuart

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