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Skin superchargers

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It’s always a special event when Marie Reynolds brings out a new product. She is the ultimate skin guru and knows everything there is to know about the skin and the body.

Marie’s skin products are magical

If you’ve ever used her best selling Restore, you’ll know what I mean. Restore works as a mask that feeds, heals and smooths skin and leaves it feeling wonderful and perfectly prepped to receive creams and serums.


And now she’s brought out three superchargers. These products are designed to be added to products you already use, to “supercharge” them and give the skin an added boost.

They are:


This is a natural alternative to retinol that I recently discovered and absolutely love. I wrote an article about bakuchiol recently which you can read here: A natural alternative to retinol

She suggests adding a few drops of her bakuchiol supercharger to FACE ( her night time pro-vitamin A oil ) but you can add to any product. Just a couple of drops does the trick.



I’ve spoken a lot about peptides which are great for ageing skin as they are the building blocks of amino acids. So important are they, that they can now be found in a LOT of products on the market.

Marie’s version consists of four different peptides that help soften the skin and also offer UV protection. It helps the integrity of the skin and helps promote healthy ageing.

She suggests combining a few drops with a little of the third supercharger (see below) as well as with her Super Quencher which is  an intense hydrating booster. However you can add the Peptide Complex to any moisturiser that you have.



Protects the lipid barrier and boosts hydration. It can be used on it’s own, layered with your usual products or used with Marie’s products mentioned above.


You can check out all of Marie’s products on her website HERE

In the video below, Marie talks us through the products and gives lots of insights into the skin and how best to preserve it. She is full of so much wisdom and it’s well worth a watch.


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