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Skin products that tackle pollution

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Our poor skins. They are fighting a constant battle on our behalf. If it’s not UV rays or extreme temperatures, it’s hormones, or perhaps toxins from from the foods we eat. Added to this there’s the effects of too much alcohol, lack of sleep or poor nutrition. Or maybe a combination of all of these!

But there’s another enemy that can seriously undermine our skin and that’s pollution

You only have to google the serious health issues arising from pollution to understand that it’s a threat not only to health but to skin as well.  I’ve been saying it for awhile now that I think this is the future of skin care. We need products that can protect our skins from this onslaught of toxins while still nourishing and firming. And they should be completely natural so as not to deposit further toxins onto our skin.

Amazingly there are still very few skin products around that are up to the task

How happy I was therefore to discover a natural range that is completely focused on pollution protection.

FOM is a small artisan brand made right here in London

The range is still quite small but covers everything you need in a product line. I have become a big fan and am impressed that they have had the foresight to identify this much needed direction in skin care. All the products are filled with antioxidants and adaptogens which are key to their protective qualities.

Here are the products that I tried out, all of which are Anti-Pollution:

FOM Hydrating Cream Cleanser –

This rinse off cream cleanser removes pollutants, dead skin and make up, leaving your skin thoroughly cleansed and hydrated.

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Hydra Plump Serum –

This super light, watery serum, is designed to be used day and night underneath any other serums or moisturisers. It prevents moisture loss while fighting against the effects of pollution. It leaves the skin feeling super hydrated and plumped.

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Glow Serum –

A very versatile serum. It also plumps and hydrates but gives an extra glow to the skin. Can be used underneath moisturiser or on top for added dewiness. I use on top of Hydra Plump in the AM. It refines skin pores and blemishes as well as giving resilience against pollution. I also like to add a few drops to my foundation to make the skin look very dewy. You can also do this with Hydra Plump Serum to give a cushioned effect to your foundation.

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Hydra Bright Serum –

This is a favourite of mine. Designed to be used in the PM (I use after the Hydra Plump Serum), this brightening serum targets age spots, hyper pigmentation and uneven skin tone. If, like me, you have spent time in the sun, you are bound to have some unsightly pigmentation on your face and neck. I still haven’t finished the bottle but can already see a slight fading of the pigmentation I have had for many years. I’m hoping that by the time I’ve finished the bottle the fading will be even greater and feel sure that it will. My whole skin tone feels brighter and more even already. Added to this the serum is also plumping and hydrating. Having used it alongside the Hydra Plump Serum, my skin is feeling super charged.

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Hydra Bright Eye Lift Cream –

I don’t often use eye creams as I usually just apply whatever serum I’m using. FOM however don’t recommend using their serums on the eye area so have created this eye cream. Like the Hydra Bright Serum it has a brightening effect on the skin but is super gentle. It also has a lifting effect. It’s deeply hydrating and nourishing while being very light. It helps keep the skin resilient against pollution thereby preventing wrinkles and fine lines. Cucumber extract helps with puffiness and reduces dark circles.

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They have a few other products including some more serums and moisturisers as well so do check out the whole range. All available on the Love Lula site.

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These products are available on the Love Lula site along with many other great products.

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