Ageless Toolbox

If only there was a magic bullet that would instantly make us all look younger.

If anyone tries to tell you there is or sell you something that’s a quick fix, I’m afraid they’re telling big fat porky pies! There are treatments, products and procedures that will of course make some difference, for a little while perhaps, but at the end of the day, lifestyle and ageing well are inexorably linked.

And don’t even think of blaming your genes! They now know that genes only account for about 25% of how we age and the state of our health. The other whopping 75% is lifestyle. That means you really are in control of your own health. I believe that physical degeneration, illness and wrinkling up like a prune are not inevitable as we age. There is much we can do to prevent these things. The younger you start the better, but it’s also never too late. The body has great restorative power and you will be amazed at the difference you can make.

As LA skin guru Dr. Julia Hunter said to me, “there is no one thing that will do it, but rather there is a toolbox and by filling it with all the tools you need, you will then get your result.”

So what exactly is in this toolbox and how does it work?

I believe the key to it all lies here.

Let’s look inside…

  • Exercise

  • Nutrition

  • Supplements

  • Skincare

  • Stress management

  • Treatments

These are the tools you need to get results. And you need to address them all (except the last one, which really is optional if you are addressing all the others and yet, somehow, I just know that’s one you all really want to know about!). Don’t worry we will look at everything!